Seamlessly discover the right shoe for you

Shopping for shoes can be a truly annoying experience — no one enjoys combing through page after page of shoes, most of which don't match your style at all. The shoe shopping experience thus far has been entirely unpersonalized.

Until now: Introducing Seamless.

Seamless is the easiest way to browse through shoes. In a minimal and unobtrusive interface, you can easily view a large library of shoes, upvoting and downvoting along the way. Behind the scenes, Seamless is tracking your native preferences to certain shoe styles — and gradually presenting you with results that better match your style.

The Seamless experience begins with a brief diagnosis about your preferences, such as music and sports, to play into the recommendation engine.

You can easily see the price, description, and original link of each of the items for your reference.

Seamless greatly improves the shoe discovery process by simplifying and personalizing the experience!

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